Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hog Island Oyster Company

Last year for Andrew's birthday I planned a day trip to Hog Island for oysters. Andrew loved it so much that he requested we make it a tradition so to celebrate his 28th year of life, we journeyed back to this beautiful cove to stuff ourselves full of shell fish.

Hog Island is a bit tricky to navigate, since their set up is a bit confusing. You basically have to reserve a picnic table months in advance in order to get a bay-side view and shuck-your-own oyster service. With this route you can also BBQ, but we forego that option and choose to do a high class picnic assortment instead and have the oysters be the main event.

This is Andrew shucking our meal. I am not a huge oyster fan in general, since the texture kind of weirds me out. but when they're fresh like this (2 years old, harvested that morning, and still alive while you eat them), they are soft and delicious. I ate six by myself even though the whole drive there I swore to Andrew I was going to eat two max, because I just wasn't in the mood that day.

Here's the birthday boy!

Our spread. 12 raw oyster (that we dress in Hog Wash, lemon and Tabasco before eating), 4 BBQ oysters which were divine, Mt. Tam cheese, prosciutto, raspberries and french bread. Not pictured is my Magleby's chocolate cake that Andrew requests for his birthday cake each year.)

And Stanley and I were there too.

Then afterwards we went to Stinson Beach for a nice walk since I've been wanting to go here since we moved to SF, and we like to bask in the fact that we live in California and can go to the beach year round (in jackets and scarves, but that is a minor detail.)

Plus there is nothing happier than a dog at the beach.

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