Thursday, May 30, 2013


...for Big Sur. We went this weekend and went camping and it was wonderful and beautiful and I fell slightly in love with the place.

Enough in love that I wished we had camped there 3 nights instead of 2. That is saying something since I am not really a fan of sleeping bags.

And then we saw elephant seals!! Cherry on top!

And then we went to LA. And I was less impressed. I've never been a huge fan of the LA area but I always think that I am missing something because so many people loooooooove LA. And then I go again and... meh. Especially when compared to Big Sur. Though some parts are kind of nice.

It was such a nice weekend.

Stanley's Words of Wisdom

When life gets hard and you're feeling trapped, sleep it off. And if you happen to roll over in your sleep and fall off your crate ...err... bed, just look around accusingly, stretch it out, hop back on, and continue sleeping. Sleep solves everything. I recommend a good 15 hours a day. It works for me.