Wednesday, October 30, 2013

That Baby Shower Weekend

I threw my friend a baby shower over the weekend which is something I love/hate to do. I stress out because Pintrest is the ruiner of all real-life expectations and sets impossible standards. So the planning makes me a bit nutty but then once it all comes together and is beautiful and everyone has a great time -- well that I love. And then I forget how stressful it was and I offer to throw more! more! more! showers.

And then Andrew rolls over and dies from disgust. Poor guy.

Photos for your viewing pleasure. I forgot to take any pictures once it was completely set up because people were arriving so imagine this with the juice cartons off the table and straws in the glasses.

I couldn't find a table cloth big enough so I bought a 16' drop cloth, cut it and painted it with fabric paint.

Those pumpkins were hallowed out and housed minestrone and butternut squash soup. When you don't own proper serving ware you get creative.

The menu {with links}: minestrone soup, butternut squash soup, homemade bread, honey butter, pumpkin bars, and texas sheet cake.