Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend

I know nothing about pro-football, but I love a good party. At work we got in the Super Bowl spirit with a little pre-game celebration. I was asked to be in charge of the game portion of the party. I decided we would do a trivia contest.

Since I literally know nothing about the 49ers or the Ravens, I spent a lot of time googling and came up with a pretty great Super Bowl/49ers/pop culture trivia game. PR people can get pretty competitive, especially when the prize is packs of gum.

I thought I would share the questions with you, just for fun. Grab your husband/boyfriend/roommate/co-worker and see who wins. Let me know how you do! (Answers are below, underneath the photo of us with our 49ers eye patch thingies.)

1.       When was Janet Jackson's infamous super bowl "wardrobe malfunction"?

2.       How many times have the 49ers been to the Super Bowl? 3, 4, 5, or 6?

3.       How many BILLION chicken wings will Americans consume during the Super Bowl this year? 1, 2, or 3 Billion?

4.       What American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress will perform at halftime show this year

5.       How many tweets, on average, were sent per second during the final three minutes of last year’s in Super Bowl? 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000?

6.       What is the name of the 49ers mascot? Sourdough Sam, Prospector Pete, or Golden Gary

7.       What is the name of the Raven’s mascot? Moe, Joe, or Poe?

8.       Which popular singing group performed LIVE at the 2011 super bowl and got slammed by critics?

9.       Approximately how much will a 30-second commercial cost this year? 3.8 mill, 4.8 mill, or 5.8 mill?

10.   When was the last time the 49ers went to the Super Bowl?

11.   How many Super Bowls have the Raven played in? 1, 2, or 3?

12.   Who is the 49ers starting quarterback this year?

13.   What team does Manti T’eo play for?

14.   What is the name of Baltimore’s professional baseball team?

15.   How many Super Bowls have been held in New Orleans? 5, 8, or 10?

16.   BONUS QUESTION (in case of a tie): After a 4 year hiatus, what song will Justin Timberlake perform at a pre-game concert Saturday night?


A1. 2004 Super Bowl
A2. 5
A3. 1.23 billion chicken wings
A4. Beyoncé
A5. 10,000 tweets
A6. Sourdough Sam
A7. Poe
A8. Black Eyed Peas
A9. $3,800,000
A10. 1994
A11. 1
A12. Colin Kaepernick
A13. Notre Dame
A14. Baltimore Orioles
A15. 10
A16. Suit and Tie
Ok, how'd you do?