Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Oregon Coast

Andrew and I had a pretty fantastic summer and we owe it all to our amazing families. We were fortunate to end the summer at the Oregon coast with Andrew's family and had a great time. The only bummer was that it was pretty cold the entire week so it turned into an indoor vacation with an amazing view. However, you can't really complain of a week spent with family, lots of little babies running around and tide pools.

Photo by Andrew's mom.
At the end of all our travels it was really nice to come home to our new apartment and get settled in. We are loving our new place, the location, and the city in general. Here is a sneak peak at our place, but I don't want to post more pictures until we have some more main things like a couch.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My family spent a week together in Oahu. It was a fun time and so nice to vacation as a family. I don't think we've had a trip all together since I was in high school. The trip came about  because my uncle went to the doctor to get lipo and when he found out it would cost $10k, he decided to take us all to Hawaii instead. Random and weird, I know.

Andrew and I spent most of the time on the beach swimming and floating in inner tubes. There is no evidence that I was in the sun all week because I wore a hat  and SPF 70 the entire time. Working for a skin care company totally ruined my love of being tan.

We also went in a shark cage and deep sea fishing. The shark cage was SO COOL and I highly recommend it. Deep sea fishing was kind of boring to be honest.

The digs

Our backyard

The neighbor


Sunny = Squinty


The cage

 Jaw's first born

Part of my family plus my grandma's best friend and my uncle's boyfriend. We're missing some family members. When you travel with 13 people, splitting up is a necessity. 

P.S. Andrew was at the house studying for the CPA when the above photo was taken. He got a perfect score on his first test. Crazzzzzzzy. I married a winner.