Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quick trip to Mendocino

Last weekend was the kick off of our California travels. Over the next few weeks we plan to spend a lot of time exploring this ginormous state of ours. 

The weekend started with my dad and step mom coming up to SF to join us for a weekend getaway. We drove Highway 1 up the coast to Mendocino. It was such a beautiful drive! We saw lighthouses, beaches, cliffs, rolling hills... My dad said this was God's country and I had to agree. 

We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast in Mendocino. 

The town is teeny tiny and you can see it all in about an hour. We spent a lot of time hiking around the headlands. 

It was the perfect weekend. I came back home SO relaxed. Anytime I get to spend hanging with this guy is a win. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fact: Butter Makes Life Better

At the time of posting my hair hasn't been washed in two days, I haven't put on make up for possibly over a week, my leg hair and Andrew's leg hair are almost indistinguishable, and my apartment is in serious need of a scrub down. But I did make perfect looking and tasting croissants. BOOM. It's all about priorities. 

About three months ago I was asked to be the president of my church's youth group. I get to hang out with 6 awesome girls every Tuesday night, Sunday, and occasionally even more often. Today was our church's general conference (check it out at where we watch live talks given by church leaders on tons of different subjects. 

Naturally I am looking for any excuse to party so we had a brunch for the youth and all the youth program volunteers. Read: 20 people in my studio apartment chowing down. It was cozy and awesome and I loved it. And I made croissants from the Tartine cookbook. It took 3 days and there was 6 sticks of butter in those things. 

Ain't no thing. 

Ps- it was 70* and sunny all weekend. So dreamy. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

From Where I Stand

We have lived in San Francisco for almost two years now. I have enjoyed every minute of it and find myself aggressively in love with this city. I think part of why I feel so passionately is because I never know how long we'll be here. We could leave next year, or in ten years. Or... as recent late night chats have developed... maybe we'll stay in the Bay Area forever.

Unfortunately I am bad at documenting my time here but am worried that someday I'll look back and forget what it was that made this city special. So here is a mash up of reasons my heart belongs in San Francisco mainly it's the food, friends, and amazing scenery.

 ^Tobias from Arrested Development^

All these things I did with my bestie. I have the most fun with him.