Monday, September 23, 2013

Gnome Sweet Gnome

For awhile there, back before my job became insane, I got a little crafty. And when one is crafty there is nothing to do except make gnome paraphernalia.
See, when Andrew and I were just married we went to Color Me Mine and he painted a gnome and I painted a bowl and we named the Gnome Richard and we threw away the bowl when we moved. Richard has been with us ever since. The guardian of our abode, if you will. But Richard was just kind of standing there and people were confused so I decided he needed something to tie his presence to our home.
A door mat.
So I made a GNOME SWEET GNOME doormat and now all my neighbors ask if I collect gnomes and offer to give me their discarded lawn gnomes. I politely decline.
Here's a step-by-step so you can run out and make your own customized doormat. Don't scoff, this is totally catching on.
Supplies: 3" Stencils ($4), tape, a doormat ($7-15), spray paint ($5), paper grocery sacks

Step 1: Tape your stencils together so the words are nice and neat.

Step 2: Tape the word to your doormat, tape paper around the word so as to prevent excess spray paint/halo effect.

Step 4: Spray the paint thoroughly, keeping the can perpendicular to the stencil. Let it dry for a few minutes and then pull the lettering off.

Step 5: If you are doing repeat words then spray those at the same time. Saves time. See below for an example.

Step 5: Wait a day and do the middle word so the top and bottom word can dry. The next day I used a 4" stencil for the middle word to make the SWEET pop! Then I covered all the mat with paper and sprayed.


Then I put it outside my front door and let the neighbors talk about that crazy gnome family. As it should be.