Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Apartment!

Here is our new digs. I am afraid the pictures don't really make sense and don't give a good feel for the place but I tried my best.

Our place is lovely and BIG (by San Francisco studio standards). It was built in the 1920's and has charm and cuteness galore with things like exposed pipes and chandeliers. It does have its quarks-- for instance, the sink and the toilet are so close together you could pee and brush your teeth at the same time. I do not know this from experience, fyi, that would be gross.

We still have a lot left to do (put stuff on the walls {But WHAT?! Total delimma for me.}, buy a dresser, get plants and cute knick knacks, etc. etc.) but it is starting to feel like home!

So, here's the virtual tour. By the way, I love it when people tell you where they bought stuff so I am going to do that too. Don't judge.

This is the view from the front door. As it is a studio, you are looking at both our bedroom and our living room. We separated the space with a partition which gives us the semblance of privacy when we have guests. Works pretty well, actually. That bike on the right is there until we buy a bike lock for it, then it goes outside.

Necklace Stand: Urban Outfitters, Bedding: Macys, Lamp: Target

You're looking at our bedroom, walk- in closet (the door with the mirror on it) and our front door. All those boxes on the wall on the right are storage and fuse boxes. The small gold box on the wall is an old fashioned phone from the 20s. 

Wicker Basket: TJ Maxx, Bookshelf: bought unfinished at Talisa's Furniture in Provo and painted by me, Large Clock: Target, Book Lamp Shade: Bijox Market, Side Table: Ikea, Curtains: sewn by me, Arm Chair and Couch: Macys, Rug:
A 280 degree view of our living room. I hope it makes sense. Clockwise from top left: Stanley's area and the gold thing is our radiator; the TV armoire/ bookshelf area; widow/arm chair section; couches.

"Culinary Tools" Poster: A gift from Mckenzie from here, Curtains: me, Love Birds Towels: Anthropologie, Owl Spoon Holder: Pier 1; Best Bites Cookbook: gift from Louise, Table: bought unfinished at Talisa's Furniture in Provo and stained by Andrew and me,  Chairs: Ikea, Placemats: Target, Dishes: Anthropologie

Kitchen, clockwise from top right: view from the doorway; left side kitchen counters; right side kitchen counters; dinner table. Lots of white but lots of counter space and cupboards!

Towels: Walmart and Target, Floor Mats: Target, Diffuser: Anthropologie, Shower Curtain: Target, Mirrors: Target

And our bathroom. You can't tell from this picture but the sink is literally on top of the toilet which makes it hard to sit down.Definitely threw us when we first moved in.

Two months in (time flies!) and we love it and are so glad to be here. We feel like the apartment is huge and especially like how the kitchen and bathroom are completely separate from the bedroom/living room--rare for a studio.

The concludes today's tour... I hope it wasn't boring.



    so adorable.

    I need to find time to come see it!

    and don't keep stanely in that trap!

  2. your apartment has so much character and you have great taste! the sofa is really perfect and beautiful. i can't wait to see it in person someday. this makes me want to finish my house so it looks good in pictures. like no green sofas with mexican blankets type of deal.

    1. Mexican blankets scream character, Jack! And thanks!

  3. Just for full disclosure:
    all ikea stuff - assembled by me.
    ikea chairs in kitchen - 6 inches of legs sawn off so they fit under the table by me (like a boss).
    Thanks for power tool sharing Cheryl!

  4. This looks gorgeous!! Love it!! Those wood floors are to die for! I hope that our next house has nice floors, it really does make such a difference. I'm also glad you have such a handy man to saw off furniture legs and such. Lucky lucky girl!

  5. Very cute! I like your subtitles of where you got stuff-I'm always wondering.

    The ikea chairs look perfect, good thing Andrew is so handy