Friday, October 19, 2012

Girls Weekend

6ish years ago I briefly lived in France and weird things happened.

For example:
  • I gained 25 pounds and ate nothing but pastries and bread.
  • I was 18 years old living abroad and had no idea how to speak French.
  • I packed only 4 shirts, 1 pair of shoes and 2 pairs of pants and thought that was an acceptible wardrobe for 4 months.
So yeah, those weird things happened. And these weird things happened too:

And this:

Oh here we are again, a little full in the face...nbd:

This might have happened too:
And it will all happen again this weekend-in all our obnoxious glory.
Keystone, CO may not be France, but some call it the Paris of the West.
Bring it on ladies. I am bringing the pastries and insufficient wardrobe because thats how I roll.

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