Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PR... What's that?

This may be really PR nerdy of me but something GREAT happened at my job today and I wanted to share. I get a lot of questions about what exactly I do. I work in public relations and probably 50% of my job is media relations which means that I call/email/stalk reporters and see if they are interested in writing about my client/product/news.

Recently I sent a pitch to – one of the biggest women’s websites in the world with 18 million readers – to see if they wanted to write about my product, GoToMyPC.

Below is my pitch and the article. Please notice how the author basically used my pitch word for word. That may seem like plagiarism but in the PR world that makes you feel like this:

My Pitch:

Hi Mary,

Blah blah blah, would you like to cover GoToMyPC?

· GoToMyPC- You're in a VC funding meeting and you realize you've forgotten your presentation. It's on your home PC, not your laptop. Holy crap. What do you do now? If you're a smart entrepreneur, you use GoToMyPC and instantly access any application or file on your Mac or PC from your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android device.



  1. way to go! that is a big deal!!!

  2. ah-mazing! This is why we are friends. Because you are cool and going places... and I am just going to ride on your coat-tails.