Sunday, July 21, 2013


A month ago Andrew and I went to Caye Ambergris, Belize and I thought it was about time to document our trip. Ever since our camera was stolen I have been a horrible photographer and I curse that thief on the reg. So, not as many photos as I would like, but enough to remember that we were there.

A few fun facts about Belize/Caye Ambergris.

  • It's in the Caribbean so it is gorgeous. Blue waters, hot hot heat, humidity, very tropical. You know, paradise kind of stuff.
  • Everyone is Belize speaks English (it is the national language) and then Spanish and Creole is also spoken by some.
  • Belize is super cheap and everyone takes US dollars! 2 Belizian dollars = 1 US dollar. Score.
  • Belize, to me, had the feel of a third-world New Orleans. Just like in the south the people are friendly, the food is AMAZING (we were there for lobster season and I had a two pound lobster, two nights in a row for $30 USD! A trip highlight for me.), and everything is pretty chill.

We were there 5 days. The first two days were gorgeous and we walked around the town, swam a bit, and went to a Mayan Ruins (pics below). Then the rain came. I'm talking a monsoon. 40 MPH winds, 8 inches of rain in 48 hours, docks blown over kind of storm. It was pretty cool to watch but kind of a bummer on our beach vacation. Our last day there it cleared up enough for us to scuba dive (the reason we went in the first place). 

Scuba diving was amazing. I jumped in and below me was about 15 huge nurse sharks! I freaked out even though we were forewarned that they were there and very friendly. The dive master kept telling me to decend but I refused until Andrew got in the water too so we could go down together. I wasn't going into shark infested waters by myself. The nurse sharks followed us around like dogs as we swam through the reefs. It was kind of eerie but really cool. Another trip highlight.

Day 1: taking the water taxi to the island. 

The view from our hotel room at Corona Del Mar.

Day 2: Back to the mainland for a boat ride into the jungle to visit some Mayan ruins.


On top of another ruin, whose name I forget.

 Day 3: A storm is a brewing.

Day 5: The island clearing up a bit after the storm.

Enjoying a nice chocolate milkshake.

The one and only shot of me and my boo. Glad the picture turned out so nice. It would be sad if the only photo we got together was fuzzy and grainy and whatnot.

One a scale of 1 to 10 - if you're poor(ish) and looking for a tropical paradise vacation getaway, Belize is awesome and totally recommended. Just maybe avoid the rainy season (June - November).

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  1. Seriously fun vacay! I'm jealous and now want a chocolate milkshake to boot. ;)