Monday, February 28, 2011

Homemade Oreo Cookies and the Goods/Bads

The goods and bads in my life right now:

Let's start with the bads:
  • I keep accidentally dressing inappropriately for the weather so I either end up sweating through my shirt (not attractive) or freezing to death (also not a good look).
  • I have spring fever like never before. 
  • Weekends are too short. I vote we start a petition and standardize the three-day weekend!
  • My husband had to go to a group meeting awhile ago so to console myself I ate the entire box of macaroni and cheese and now I feel dehydrated but am too lazy to get up off the couch to go get water.
  • I just read the two best books. I highly recommend them.


    • The first one was about a British Island off the coast of France that was occupied during WW1. That makes it sound depressing but it was witty, laugh-out-loud funny, and had enough historical info to make me almost feel like I was bettering myself for reading it. So great. It is going on my (imaginary) top ten list.
    • The second is about Julia Child, her life in France (shocking, I know), and how she became a cookbook queen. Basically all it talked about was food and France. Perfect, two of my favorite things.
  • The BYU men's basketball team is ranked #3 in the nation! Oh I am so proud. Andrew and I go to/watch all the games and we yell and cheer and boo and really make fools of ourselves. It's the best.
  • Another good thing is Homemade Oreo Cookies.  They are yummy. They are easy. They are a bazillion times better than those store bought Oreos.

This recipe makes approximately 32 Oreo cookies (which is 64 individual cookies).  That may be a lot for some people so go ahead and half it. Or don't. 

I'm all about giving people options.

Homemade Oreo Cookies

·         2 Devil’s Food Cake Mix
·         1 Cup Shortening (softened)
·         4 Eggs

1. Mix well. If mixing by hand, be patient.  This is a lot and it will take awhile to combine but trust me, it will all work out!
2. Roll into quarter sized balls.  
3. Bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes.  

Oreo Cream Cheese Frosting

·         8 oz. cream cheese
·         ¼ c. margarine
·         1 t. vanilla
·         1 lb. powdered sugar

1.Mix all the ingredients until smooth and creamy and frosting-y.
2. Frost cookie, sandwich them, eat a dozen or so, and then refrigerate. They are best when refrigerated.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the picture this time. I'm talking to you Jackie and Alyssa.


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  2. I think your "good" about byu b-ball took a quick turn from being on the good list to the bad. sorry. kinda.