Monday, April 9, 2012

How I almost died at 23

It started like this:

"Hey Joce, do you want to hike Angel's Landing with a group of people?"

Sure, Andrew, sounds swell.

Then this happened:

Followed by this:

Yes. That is right. So many people have died on this hike that they added chains for people to hold on to so if you fall, you don't slide right off the side of the mountain, you just dangle there grasping onto the chain for dear life.

And sure you get to see views like this:

And get to say that you conquered this beast:

But who's enjoying that when you feel like this:

Thanks, Andrew, for a very memorable weekend.

Maybe next time we can just watch Survivor Man at home. While eating Mudslide ice cream.


  1. wow! I would have died too! :) way to go!

  2. Oh man, that scene looks all too familiar. I can't believe you did that Jocelyn! Me, Gradon, Justin, Dave and Jennica hiked Angel's landing (well, most of it) in the dead of winter when it was icy and treacherous. I seriously thought one of us was going to meet death that day.

  3. My heart sunk and fingers started shaking just looking at the pictures...eek. You guys are brave and awesome. Good work!