Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So here is what I want to do...

...this weekend. It is a three day weekend after all.

I want to:

1. Go to Ikea and buy some goods that we have been lacking.

Ikea is a wonderful place.

2. Go to Ruth's Diner for dinner. I am craving it.

This is Ruth. She is a lovely lady.

3. Spend time with the greatest guy I know.

I took this picture, approximately a year ago, on our second date.

4. Go skiing!
This is about the kind of skier I am.

And this.

5. Relax.

6. Start cooking actual meals again. (Andrew and I had grilled cheese and tator tots last night.)


But instead I'll probably be doing this:

And Andrew would be right next to me, under his pile of  books.


  1. if you go to ruth's diner, make sure you invite me because i've always wanted to eat there. ok?

  2. Wait... did Lauren and I introduce you to Ruth's Diner or did you go there on your own accord?

    What do you eat there? I gotta know.

  3. Remember when you and Lauren came over for dinner a loooooooong time ago? Landon was just born? Well you recommended Ruths so we went asap. I got the turkey sandwich which was amazing (love those fries) and Andrew got the portabella mushroom burger which was killer. He talked about it for days. And we got a raspberry creme brulee. Yeah, we go big.

    Then we went back and got the fried chicken (only ok) and the deep fried mac and cheese (yum).

  4. (sniff, sniff) I'm so proud. I totally remember when we came over for dinner and had that conversation. I knew that we talked about Ruth's and other places but I couldn't remember which you had been to and which you hadn't. (I also remember that you made the BBQ pizza that you have since posted on this blog. It really is delicious.)

    One of the worst things about Vegas is that there is no Ruth's.

    I agree, the fried chicken is just OK. That was actually the first thing I had there. Luckily, the bread basket and other's dishes brought me back a second time, and then I fell in love. Actually, my bro went with us and we split the chicken and a bacon and bleu burger. The burger with those freaking fries brought me back.

    Tried the deep-fried mac and cheese. KILLER. It is like the best mozzarella stick you have ever had except that it's better cuz it's mac and cheese inside.

    Have you been there for breakfast? If not, you gotta do it. They are actually more famous for their breakfast than they are for dinner. The cool thing is that they sell breakfast til like 4. So what you actually need to do is skip breakfast on a Saturday and go for a brunch-ish thing. Recommendations:

    -Cinnamon Roll French Toast (it's an actual cinnamon roll)

    -Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. Trust me, the flavor combos are amazing.

    -Migas. I tried this on a whim the last time we were there and it was one of the best dishes I have had in a very long time. Everything from the actual migas (scrambled eggs with chorizo and corn tortillas mixed in) to the beans, rice, pico de gallo, guac, etc. was top notch.

    Oh and I can't forget the biscuit that comes with your meal. That with the tart raspberry jam is enough for me to make the 6 hour drive up there.

    Next time we are in SLC, you'll have to join us for our trip up the canyon to pay our respects to Ruth.